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If your heart’s telling you your marriage is over, but part of you isn’t sure, then listen up. Most couples in this position are at risk of deciding to split without clearly seeing what lies ahead. You may split, only to find that you traded one source of pain for another. You need to hear from a divorce attorney who’s seen what really lies ahead with your three options: to split, to survive or to save your marriage.

Toni Nieuwhof’s unique combination of experience as a lawyer, pharmacist, and church leader, plus the struggles in her own marriage have given her valuable insights on how people grow and evolve. Toni specializes in helping people find what they really want, both personally and for the future of their marriage.

Book Toni to speak virtually or in person.  Some of the topics she’s spoken on include:

  • 7 Keys To Turning a Bad Marriage Into a Good One;
  • See What is True in Your Marriage; and
  • How to Move Past those Hidden Barriers Holding You Back.