Inspirational and Actionable Marriage Advice for Your Next Event

Toni's unique combination of professional, personal, and church leadership experience have given her valuable insights on how marriages and relationships grow and evolve. She specializes in helping people find what they really want, both personally and for the future of their marriage.

Confident and inspired, her speaking will give your audience insights that ignite action.

For couples, Toni's messages will guide your audience to a way forward whether they're looking to improve an already good marriage, or trying to save one that has gone off track.  She advises people to slow down and avoid deciding to split before clearly seeing what lies ahead. 

One of Toni's missions is to help people make better choices by providing a clearer vision of the options and what's at stake.

Book Toni to speak virtually or in person.  Some of the topics she’s spoken on include:

  • How to Transform Your Marriage From That Bad to This Good
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Marriage; and
  • How to Thrive at Work AND Love Being Home


Watch a short clip of my recent talk at Q.

"[]"Toni Nieuwhof brings much needed expertise to the conversation on marriage. During a moment when marriages are falling apart at a higher rate than ever, experienced voices like Toni provide guidance and confidence in how to strengthen relationships."

Rebekah Lyons

"It was such a pleasure to work with Toni! She was professional and so approachable. Her collaborative nature made working with her an absolute delight! She captivated the audience with her speaking style, but also brought raw, powerful stories that really resonated and helped people connect deeply with her content. We loved having her!”

Joryli Romijn, Family Ministries Pastor, Coquitlam Alliance Church

"Toni is an engaging speaker who is passionate about stirring people's hearts towards practical steps in their relationships and life. Toni's authenticity comes through as she pairs honest stories with real strategies. Thank you Toni for your investment in seeing our people grow!"

Jeff Brodie, Senior Pastor, Connexus Church

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