I know what it's like to wish for a better marriage...

Perhaps you’re in a season of struggle as a couple. Or, maybe you two are feeling stuck on an issue, or weighed down with resentment and bitterness. You might be looking to rekindle the fire you felt as you first started out.

Whether you’re working to make your bond stronger or need to create more peace, I’m committed to helping you meet your goals.

I’ve gained a lot of life experience as a pharmacist, as a lawyer, and as the wife of the founding pastor of an influential and vibrant church.  My husband Carey and I have been through our ups and downs and found our way back up.

During my life’s journey, I’ve been stretched to grow personally, emotionally, and spiritually by the challenges in front of me. 

My hope is that what I’ve learned as well as what we can learn from the experts will jump-start your own journey of growth into your best version of you. And let’s be real - we’ll all be learning together as we go!

The Smart Family Podcast, my book Before You Split, and other resources will help you discover your next step toward your way better future.

Here's to a marriage filled with more peace and joy!

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