Your Map to a Way Better Future

The Way Better Future Map and Worksheet is designed to help you identify and briefly summarize in a few words or a sentence what action you would like to take next. It is meant to capture your journey over the next days, weeks and months.

I recommend you choose one action step at a time. Don't feel you have to take them in the order of the chapters.  You may want to start with clashing expectations (Chapter 3), or your tone at home (Chapter 7) or by pursuing forgiveness (Chapter 9), for example.

Start with whatever issue and action step you feel deserves your most urgent attention.  Then do the work.  Keep working at it until you see some results.  Re-evaluate.  When you note progress, be sure to celebrate it!  You may then find yourself ready to choose another step in your journey.

We've provided the map in both pdf (printable) and digital worksheet formats.  Some people prefer to have the visual printed out as a reminder throughout the day.  Some people prefer to have the worksheet on their phone, available whenever and wherever.  Some people use both!

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