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Make Your Marriage Better...
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Rekindling your marriage can feel out of reach. Finding the spark again can seem impossible. It doesn’t have to.

Introducing The One Hour Marriage Tune-Up

Whether you're in a good marriage you want to make better,  or feel like you’re just hanging on lately, you'll find help and hope in the One Hour Marriage Tune Up. 

In the One Hour Marriage Tune Up you'll learn how to:

  • Get on (and stay on!) the same page
  • Uncover blind spots so you can make progress
  • Deal with and move beyond emotional overreactions
  • See more below!

What's Inside The One Hour Marriage Tune-Up?

The One Hour Marriage Tune-Up is a focused and practical video and workbook series designed to move you forward faster in your marriage. You can work through it at the pace you choose, on your own or invite friends along; in the comfort of your home or wherever you feel inspired to breathe deeply and sigh relief.

It's time to finally love being home again!

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Have you ever found yourself saying?...

“You’re Not the Same Person I Married!”

“Why is it So Hard to Get on the Same Page?”

“All I’m Looking For is a Little Respect!”

“The Reason I’m So Unhappy is (S)he...”

“We Don’t Go There...It’s Too Difficult.”

“You’re So Negative.”

In the One Hour Marriage Tune-Up, you and your partner will look at what's behind your frustrations that trip many  of us up. You'll gain valuable insights and strategies to help you leave your complaints behind and celebrate being together again!


Discover practical ways to help you love being home!

Product Bundle

Get access now for only $97 (USD)

More About Me...

Toni is passionate about helping married people to love being home!

Toni Nieuwhof is an author, speaker, former divorce attorney and family law mediator. Toni co-founded and co-hosts the Smart Family Podcast to provide resources from experts and thought leaders for parents, to solve the problems they face in marriage and parenting.

In 2021, Toni released Before You Splita book that offers a way forward for people in struggling marriages. From her attorney experience, Toni helps people see their options more clearly while sharing solutions that transformed her marriage with her husband Carey from that bad to this good.

Toni has served the sick and vulnerable over the years by combining her professional acumen as pharmacist and lawyer in various roles in hospitals and other organizations. 

She has spent decades serving the community through the church Carey and Toni founded and has been a mentor to many.  Her heart is full when she spends time outdoors with Carey, their family and anyone else who is drawn to the aroma of their backyard BBQ.


Frequently Asked Questions

The One Hour Marriage Tune-Up includes six video sessions plus an interactive application guide with questions for both you and your partner to work through.

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