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Want front-of-the-line, free access to my new book, Before You Split, delivered straight to your device? Interested in joining a group of like-minded people who care about marriages? If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’, then keep reading!

When you join the team, you will get:

A free, digital copy of the book

Access to a private Facebook Group (see details below)

Exclusive Q&A's with me about the book (you can ask me anything!)

Access to bonus resources and giveaways

I wrote Before You Split because I want to help couples who are struggling in their marriage.  In this book, I’m open about the struggles my husband Carey and I faced, and those I observed as a divorce attorney.

Together, I believe we can help strengthen marriages by getting the clarifying insights and practical solutions for marriage problems into the hands of people who need them.

By joining my launch team, you can help us spread the word! Act now – the launch team is limited to 100.

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Exclusive Facebook Group

Wondering what being a member of a launch team means? You'll join a group of readers in a private Facebook Group. Being part of the group gives you the opportunity to:

  • Read the free, digital copy;
  • Review the book on Amazon on launch day;
  • Share about the book with your network of friends and family. We'll provide shareable graphics and resources to make it easy for you to spread the word; plus
  • Participate in exclusive Facebook group conversations and live Q&A feedback on the book – we want to hear from you!
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